rubyblushu (rubyblushu) wrote in fit_day,

A good snack idea

This afternoon, my mom bought a bunch of veggies at the store-carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, and brocolli. When we got home, I arranged some of them on a plate, with a bowl of light Ranch dressing. Now, whenever I head into the kitchen this afternoon, I'll have something healthy to snack on. This is also good when you're having to wait for supper to finish cooking. It will keep you from snacking on chips, cookies, and other kinds of junk food.

Also, I have a question. I eat pretty healthy a good bit of the time. However, I worry about getting enough variety when it comes to fruits. I love Clementine oranges, and can eat apples (especially when I'm hungry), but those are about the only kinds of fruits I eat.

My question is, what kinds of fruit do y'all eat, and how do you eat them?
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