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A new start

I am finally back on track (I HOPE!). I started Foodmover for sure on Friday (after 2-3 half-starts and also trying to figure out WHICH diet to do). It is Richard Simmons' plan and one I have done before, and I have done Richard's plans often dating back to Deal-A-Meal and the Never-Say-Diet plan of the early 80's. I have begun walking again too, and hope to add in strength training and aerobic tapes too.

After South Beach last year (a very good plan too, but one I just can't focus on right now due to all that's going on my life) on which I lost 18 pounds, I have gained back 13 pounds. Thank goodness the whole amount isn't back on. I've benein denial about why my 16's don't fit (this is a SMALL 16, oh, and THIS one is a small 16, okay, how can they ALL be now SMALL 16'S?) uGH, you get the picture. I have ballooned back up into 18's, trying to wear 16s, and resorting to sweat pants. So, give me a month, hopefully I can be back in 16's again. I hope... I can't afford to buy new clothes!

That is it for now - I want to try and write more often, though.



(old progress had been last summer -- 187-169-125.)

I'll get there....
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