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hi 2 all, first entry on this community :-)

Hi everyone, my first entry on this community. I started with a nutritionist around the end of um march and when I was first seen my her I was 212lbs(I'm 5'3), and currently most recently I'm at 197lbs.

She has me on a no sugar,no salt,trigger foods(junk food)type of diet or lifestyle change I like to say instead of the word diet lol :-)

I'd love to make some friends to share support with and to support in this interesting challenge of losing weight.  For me it was a wake up call to better my health since I was told I was at risk for diabetes and heart disease if I continued having as much weight as I do.

Still not currently enjoying the new "menu" of food i'm eating, however getting use to the type of salads, and though nausea is still happening alot i've been able to get down 6 to 8 glasses of water which took me a while to get to so for that I'm glad.

I'm 5'3

current weight is: 197

Goal Weight is: 150lbs  by end of august or beginning of SEPT.

Ultimate Weight Goal is: 135 or 140lbs

GOod Luck everyone that's modifying their diet on here. We are gonna do it!


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