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I fell off the wagon...

Yep, I'm confessing. I fell off HARD. Gained back about 5 more pounds than I had to begin with. I've started back, though. With the help of my husband, we had to plan out a budget for getting food. My problem was eating out too much. It's really hard to count calories then. We went to the store this past weekend and I got a lot of yummy, healthy food. I have to remember to switch it up to make it more fun. I got tired of the string cheese/applesauce snack in the morning relatively quickly. I just had an apple and some of Breakstone's little snackpack cottage cheese for a snack. Not bad. :) Snyder's of Hanover makes organic Oat Bran pretzels that are REALLY GOOD. They're also not that bad for you (18 of them is 100 calories I believe - and that's a LOT!).

Anyway.. I'm back (hopefully). :P
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