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Diet Angst

Hello again, this is just my 2and post but okay here goes. I've been on a diet that my nutritionist has had me starting since maybe end of march of this year and my our goal weight is 150, and to cut sugar and salt out of my diet to stop my 98 percent chance of getting diabetes or heart disease.

Since starting the diet it's been stressful, my moOds have been elevated and i've been feeling really alone in terms of support an sad. I usually would eat junk and extra food whenever i came across when stress comes about or physical stressors like FIbromyalgia it's been a real bEAR not to eat things other than the nutrionist's menu of food for me to eat sigh...

Last week when i saw her i lost almost 3 pounds. When i first saw her i weighed um 204 i think.
The last two weeks have been extra hard. Food that i have is not close to even being good to eat, shouldn't we enjoy at least 20 percent of what the new food we have to eat is? Sigh........It's just so rough LATELY.. argggg.. :{

I can't always afford the nutrionists weight loss shakes or products, but without them, It's even harder to stick to suppressing to eat more than i need to. I've discussed it with her, but she has to make money too, so nothing to do really. I'm just hoping I can stick to this diet until the 6 month program with her center is done, i at least want to keep the stinking ROUGH and sucks right now.

Really want a pint of hagen daz to help the emotional pain but there is nothing in my kitchen like that, so i do not have access, so i guess it's good.

SOrry to vent.. one of thOse days again.

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