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Food journaling for weight loss and health
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This is the perfect place for us to gather and support each other through the trials and triumphs of weight loss for health. Feel free to post your food journaling, workout program, healthy recipes, and to vent when things aren't so easy. Losing weight is always less difficult when you have people around you working towards the same goal.

If you would like to keep a journal of your daily caloric intake, we recommend FitDay.com. This free site can help you keep track of calories consumed and burned each day, and can even help you run reports about your food and weight trends. It's an excellent resource and a good way to stay on track. FitDay journals can even be made public so the group can track your progress along with you.

Having trouble deciding how many calories you should be taking in each day? There are minimum and maxium amounts daily for healthy weight loss. It is necessary to consume more than you burn simply in daily life, but not so much that the body cannot burn off the calories and result in weight loss. A good calculator for determining your caloric intake can be found here.
For example: A 200 pound, six foot tall male couch potato (comuputer potato) should consume no more than 1977 calories daily, but no less than 1477 calories daily if he wishes to safely and consistantly lose two pounds per week. As he loses weight and becomes more active, it will be important that he recalculate his daily caloric intake to reflect the healthy changes in his lifestyle.